Experience the Cereus TOUCH of digital embellishment

Embellished Print

Experience the TOUCH of Digital Embellishment

New developments in papers and paper stocks, substrates, embellished finishing techniques, and inks can be incorporated into mail pieces to create a multi-sensory experience through special visual effects, scent, and texture. Features like pop-ups, infinite folds, and other dimensional treatments also encourage interaction and drive customer engagement.

Currently the USPS Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive (TSI) Promotion encourages mailers to excite their customers’ senses by incorporating innovative techniques into their First-Class Mail® and USPS Marketing Mail®. This can qualify you for up to a 5% discount on postage.

Benefits of Digital Embellishment Technologies

Cost-Efficiency: Traditional embellishments required dedicated molds, plates, or dies. Digital technologies eliminate these, reducing both time and costs. This means even small businesses or individuals can afford to add a touch of luxury to their prints without breaking the bank.
Personalization: One of the most significant advantages is the ability to customize. Whether it's a business card, a book cover, or packaging, every piece can have a unique touch, catering to the growing consumer demand for personalized products.

Short Runs Viability: Before, economies of scale dictated that only long runs were financially viable. Now, even one-off prints or short runs can be embellished luxuriously, opening doors for limited edition products or small-scale bespoke projects.

Diverse Materials & Effects: From metallic foils in a rainbow of colors to holographic effects and tactile raised prints, the options are nearly limitless. This diversity allows brands to truly differentiate themselves in the market.

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