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Any files sent through our contact form has a limitation of 25mb.

Digital Files Preflight Checklist

We are pleased to provide you with this basic checklist to ensure that your electronic files are processed smoothly. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to call your sales person or project manager, allowing us to provide a quick response to you, our valued customer.


Document(s) set up as individual pages, not spreads.

Document(s) set to the finished cut size of the piece. Minimum of 1/8” bleed needed.

Remove all pages not used in document(s).

Latest version of document, packaged with a Low Res PDF for lasers.


Stylized fonts (i.e. choosing the “bold style” instead of the “bold font”) are not guaranteed to reproduce accurately.

Provide both screen and printer postscript fonts.

Provide Windows postscript or truetype fonts. (Postscript fonts preferred.)

Include all fonts used in EPS files.

Please send only the fonts used in your document, removing all others to avoid font conflicts.


All photos (TIF, JPG) are recommended to be a minimum of 300dpi resolution @ 100% with no compression used. Please, do not resize the image in the layout program.

Vector EPS file formats are acceptable. If you are rasterizing them, please use the same resolution as above.

All line art is recommended to be 1200dpi or higher.

Fonts in vector artwork should be converted to outlines. Fonts in raster artwork should be rasterized.

All dielines should be set to a spot color called dieline. Any special treatment such as emboss, deboss or varnishes should be labeled and placed on a separate layer in the art files.

Do not include artwork or images not used in the document.


If the project is printing in Four-color process, all colors must be set to separate as process.

Spot colors must have the exact same name. Pantone 232 CV and Pantone 232 CVC are not the same color and will output as separate plates.

Maximum total ink density should not exceed 240% for digital jobs and 320% for offset.

Please remove all colors not used in document.

This applies to all logos and artwork used in the document(s).


All file naming should be 15 characters or less in lower case and must include extensions. This includes logos and artwork.

File names should consist of alphanumeric characters ONLY. No punctuation or spaces. An underscore may be used in lieu of spaces, if necessary.

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