Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing
Large Format Printing

When you want to flaunt your finest, large format printing will make an oversized impact!

For all-sized businesses, large format printing is a hard-to-miss marketing and publicity tool. It is becoming increasingly popular for its benefits of sustainability and getting your message to stand apart from your competition at a more affordable price. 

Large-format printing fills any space with an eye-catching impact. Large format printing includes products printed at any length with a maximum width of 60 inches. From banners, wall and window coverings, or portable display options, large format printing is a cost-effective way to get noticed and add a professional touch to your high-traffic areas.

Why choose high-quality large format printing?

Endless creativity. Whether you’re looking to build brand identity or bring curb appeal to your business, upgrade your customer experience with magnificent large-scale visuals. Choose from a wide variety of projects, including backlit lightboxes, transparent window displays, adhesive banners, as well as traditional banner signage. Turn any photo into a larger-than-life masterpiece for impossible-to-ignore results. With large format printing, the options are endless for sharing your message throughout the community. 

Other ideas for large scale print projects include: 

  • Company signage
  • Announcement banners
  • Event marketing
  • Billboard messaging 
  • Election or campaign signs

Quality that will last. Large format printing is ideal for both indoor and outdoor advertisements. At Cereus Graphics our large format printers have the capabilities to print high-quality images and text on a wide variety of materials. With durability in mind, we can provide you with a large format print that will last longer in all environments. Most of our large format print options will withstand weather and normal wear and tear for weeks or even months at a time. 

The impact of size. Put your brand's name in the public's eye with large format printing. Get your audience talking with bigger and better messages on banners, billboards, posters, and more. Large format printing is utilized by all types of companies because of the impact size has on grabbing people's attention. Our experienced team of designers will help assist during the process of creating these large advertisements to ensure you are left with a crisp, clean, and attention-getting finished product. 

Cost-effective advertising. Bigger doesn't always mean more expensive. Large format printing is a great option when looking for a cost-effective but impactful mode of advertising. These projects are oftentimes offered at a lower price point while still providing you with a long-lasting and high-quality printed product. 


How to prepare large format projects for print

While large-scale graphics are stunning, these projects require special preparation, so these images remain vibrant and sharp when stretched to larger-than-life proportions.

If you plan to go BIG, here are some factors to consider while preparing your project for large format print.

  • Set appropriate image specifications and file formats.
  • Select clear and legible fonts.
  • Provide color samples. 
  • Ask our design team any questions you may have!

Large format printing offers huge promotional potential for your business. But it can be a big investment, which is why it’s important to get things right the first time. Whatever your large-format printing needs, our experienced team at Cereus Graphics can help!


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