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Store it with a trusted name in printing and integrated marketing.

With 15,000 square feet of warehouse space, Cereus can store your products and fulfillment items and have them ready and available for reliable delivery. This gives you the best cost without using your own space to store materials. From simple brochure projects to the complex assembly of a single sales kit, we can fulfill all of your needs. Providing you and your organization with the prompt, quality service you expect and deserve is our top priority.

Put a price on that.

We did, and you’ll find that we can lower your bottom line while you enjoy the benefits of our safe, reliable storage and transportation costs.

We won’t drop the ball. We’ll take care of it until you need it.

A fulfillment company stores items until an order for the item comes in. Storage facilities can be prepared for perishable items requiring refrigeration, temperature sensitive items requiring air conditioning or heating (such as certain types of chemicals that can break down due to extreme heat or cold), or typical warehousing protection from the elements.

Simply put, our space costs less and pays more.

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