Packaging Solutions

Utilizing our state-of-the-art printing facility with our highly skilled craftspeople, Cereus Graphics will produce the highest quality package for your product. We will ensure that your packaging not only looks good but functions effectively as well.


Packaging of your product can be as important as the product itself when it comes to marketing your brand. At Cereus Graphics we have the capability to make your packaging stand out visually while maintaining your brand standards. At Cereus Graphics we understand that your product needs to stay in pristine condition as it travels from manufacturing to your customer’s home.

Folded Carton Packaging Cereus Graphics

Folding Cartons

Cereus Graphics is excited to introduce additions to our ever-expanding lineup of production capabilities. With the addition of high-speed die-cutting and our folder/gluer, Cereus Graphics is now poised to efficiently address the printing and packaging market by producing folding cartons for a wide variety of applications. By increasing the in-house capabilities, Cereus will now be able to have broader control over project management, product quality and manufacturing lead times.

beverage carrier

Beverage Carriers

Are you looking for a 4pk, 6pk, or 12pk carrier for your craft beer or soda? We have in-house designs for all formats of carriers. Choose from easy tape methods of construction or customized to your specs for your automated packing production. Contact us for help with your new or existing product; we will provide you the packaging you need to be on the shelves in no time!

Cereus Graphics Product Labels

Package Labels

Whether your product is in glass or plastic, we have the capability to produce the labels you need. Highlighting your product with the correct label is essential for it to POP on the shelf. Our experts can help you determine the best way to make your product stand out from your competition.

packaging design

Packaging Design

Do you need help designing a package around your product? Cereus is here to help. Be it a tuck top/auto bottom, a tuck top with perfs, snap-lock bottom, or something else altogether, we can help you determine the best design for your budget and brand.

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