It’s not just about jazz.
It’s not just about blues.
It’s not all rock. It’s not all roll.

It’s all about the data.

Knowing your customer data will help you build stronger customer relationships, create more business and assure greater long-term success. It’s about creating and coordinating the mix of all the marketing tools at your disposal.

Start With The Big Picture

From the beginning, we like to take a look at the big picture. Nothing paints a more accurate picture of your company, than your customer data. The more we know about your customers, the better equipped we are to identify promising prospects and create a customized, results oriented, multi-media marketing campaign aimed at them.

Your customers are talking…

Can you hear that? Just listen and the numbers will tell you all you need to know about why customers may or may not choose to do business with you. Pay attention and the customer data will help you build stronger customer relationships, create more business and assure greater long-termed success.

Data Mining & Analysis

Whether it’s your most frequent buyers, biggest buyers or new buyers, knowing how to approach each group and understanding their needs is key to a successful campaign.

Knowing your customers is essential to focusing your campaign message to the right audience and in the most effective method possible. This means your campaign will be less expensive and have more success, with a lower cost per lead and a higher closing rate.

Research – Understand Your Business

Research involves more than just customer data. The brand, style and personality of your company, its target audience and client base are all factors involved in creating the marketing campaign. Knowing your company and where you want to take it drives campaign goals and objectives and helps Cereus recommend the best and most effective means for success.

Strategy – Develop a Game Plan

Having a strategy answers all questions about any marketing campaign. Your company’s strategy should always be flexible and on going. Being able to utilize new data with consumers’ feedback in order to adjust your marketing strategy is essential to present and future success.

At Cereus we help develop flexible strategies that meet short-term objectives of your current campaign and focuses on long-term success of your overall marketing plan. Using real-time data and consumer feedback, Cereus puts your company in position to adjust and increase response rates, better qualify leads or gather more information at all points of the campaign. Cereus can help you develop and execute a strategy designed to get results in order to reach your goals.

Dialog Marketing – Talk To Your Customers

Research has shown that customers, who feel a connection with a company, act as promoters for that company and exhibit strong brand loyalty. Dialog marketing engages customers and target markets in continual conversation. Marketing results have shown that these conversations help the customer feel better about the company, its products and services, as well as providing the company with important details about their customers. Buying habits, communication preferences, personality and lifestyle are a few of the details used by companies to help target their market efforts.

Dialog marketing has four stages: brand, strategize, engage and measure. All of our marketing campaigns incorporate these four stages for greater success. Using a combination of traditional marketing efforts and technologically savvy methods, Cereus engineers a marketing campaign that truly engages you and your customers in an ongoing dialog. Measurement is a key component of the program, and it means that as you track your success you track our success.

Marketing Technology Tools for Successful Results:

  •  Cutting Edge Printing
  •  Data Mining and Equity Mining
  •  Dialog Marketing
  •  Branding
  •  Electronic Mail
  •  Physical Mail
  •  Invitation Event
  •  Blasts and Eye Dropper Campaigns

We have the instruments and integrated marketing technology available to help you orchestrate a successful campaign. Together, we can compose the most effective way to get your clients and customers to listen, “sing your song,” and keep it all in tune.

Messaging plus marketing plus technology equals big results.

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