We Care About the Environment

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When you work with Cereus Graphics you can be confident you're working with a business that impacts the environment in a friendly, positive, and thoughtful manner. Read our Environmental Vision and Management Policy below:

  • Virtually 100% of our paper purchases are from paper companies that harvest trees from decades-old tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of non-public paper pulp. These tree farms not only ensure a sustainable, ongoing paper supply but also assure the land they use will remain undeveloped commercially.
  • We recycle tons and tons of paper every month. Frankly, it is a lot of work and effort, with a buy-back revenue stream that covers only a small fraction of the cost. That's OK, though, because we believe it to be a very valuable effort.
  • We use recycled papers whenever possible and encourage others to do the same.
  • We use biodegradable inks and toners that are recyclable.
  • We use chemicals and solvents that are almost 100% water-soluble, biodegradable, and recyclable. They are often more expensive, but we consider these products to be a wise investment.
  • We have implemented programs to reduce our electrical consumption and to minimize the use of all raw materials.
  • A very important way we urge our customers to partner with us in our environmental efforts is by using our digital/Internet ordering, proofing, and reordering system. Use of our digital ordering system enables all of us to save substantial amounts of gasoline and other raw materials.
  • If you have suggestions about other ways we could further limit our environmental impact, please call us with your ideas.

As Cereus Graphics, our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility is an integral part of our business operations. We have established a comprehensive set of guidelines and practices aimed at minimizing our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices throughout our organization.


1. Green Procurement: We prioritize sourcing environmentally-friendly materials and products, including paper with recycled content, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, and eco-friendly inks.

2. Energy Conservation: Our facilities are designed and operated with energy efficiency in mind, using energy-saving technologies and equipment, and optimizing production processes to reduce energy consumption.

3. Waste Reduction: We have implemented waste reduction and recycling programs across our operations, with the goal of minimizing waste generation and maximizing recycling and recovery of resources.

4. Emissions Reduction: We strive to reduce emissions from our printing processes and transportation activities by using low-VOC inks, regularly maintaining equipment, and optimizing shipping routes and methods.

5. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance by monitoring our progress, setting measurable goals, and regularly reviewing and updating our sustainability guidelines and practices.

6. Employee Engagement: We encourage employee involvement and education on sustainability and environmental issues, promoting a culture of environmental responsibility and stewardship within our organization.

7. Community Outreach: We actively participate in and support community initiatives and programs aimed at environmental protection, conservation, and education.

 By adhering to these guidelines and continuously working to improve our environmental performance, Cereus Graphics aims to be a leader in sustainable practices within the Offset & Digital Printing and Packaging Solutions industry in Arizona.