A Hidden Secret of Sales: Custom Boxes & Packaging Design

Custom Boxes & Packing Design

Top notch product package printing is one of the hidden secrets for successful product sales. We all make snap judgments when it comes to packaging, including your customers. They will judge your product by its packaging. The packaging is what the potential consumer sees, influencing their purchasing decision. In fact, 72% of Americans say the product packaging influences their purchasing decision.

Product packaging can be just as important as your product. Cereus Graphics is here to help brands build a connection with others through custom boxes, packaging and fulfillment. We take the time to collaborate with you and your team to create impactful packaging for any project. 

Leave an impact with branded packaging that tells a story

If you want to increase the emotional attachments customers have with your business, start with pristine packaging. Great packaging gets buyers excited about your product before they even open it. It’s one of the first touchpoints of a prospect and helps you stand out from the competition. 

Consumers want more than a product, they want to be part of a story. Your product packaging should be distinguishing your brand and be helping you sell a product. People are impacted by emotions before information when making purchase decisions. A personal touch also helps build customer loyalty. Cereus Graphics will help you sharpen your narrative and integrate compelling stories into your packaging to convert your buyers into lifelong customers.

A cost-efficient way to impress customers

Well designed packaging is one of the most effective ways to improve product sales without spending much more. Creative use of color, typography, photos, and illustrations can dramatically improve the effectiveness of product packaging. Research your competitors to see what they are doing. Brainstorm ways your product packaging can stand out. Great design can help create a favorable impression that makes your company and its products stand out in the crowd.

The impact of your custom product packaging determines the next step the consumer takes with your brand, so leave an impression with a stunning design.

Prioritize your brand identity 

Whenever you edit your product packaging, you need to make sure that it still effectively integrates your brand guidelines including, typography, colors, and graphics. Your packaging should be a consistent extension of your brand. 

Your brand is how your company looks and feels. Follow your brand style guide when designing the packaging. If you don’t already have a brand style guide created, now would be a great time to get started. 

The value of an unboxing experience 

Today’s customers are starved for new experiences, and a clever unboxing experience can provide the fun factor people want. Design and select elements that effectively enhance the unboxing experience. 

While brainstorming ideas for your customized packages ask yourself “How do I want my customer to feel while opening their package?”

A stellar unboxing experience will: 

  • Drive engagement 
  • Build a sense of connection
  • Increase sales
  • Enhance customers’ opinions of your product
  • Elevate your overall marketing strategy
  • Improve brand recognition 
  • Resonate with an audience

From a business’s point of view, unboxing videos provided authentic, customer-produced marketing. Products with unique packaging provide material for great unboxing videos. Get creative and try to generate ways you can enhance the unboxing experience.

Creative ideas for boxing and packaging

Your packaging is the face of your product. Little things can make a big difference in customer purchasing decisions. Effective product packaging can trigger impulse buying from customers. If you can find ways to differentiate your product packaging from your competitors, you’ll be better able to stand out, increasing sales.

Include customized stickers and labels.

Whether you include it in the box as a gift or on the box as a touch of personalization, customized stickers and labels are a great way to get your brand to stick with a customer. 

Limited edition or collectible series.

If you want products to fly off the shelves, try packaging them as a gorgeous collection.

To stimulate impulse buying, change up your label series each year. Limited editions trigger spontaneous collectors and an urgency to buy.

Environmentally friendly product packaging

Environmentally friendly product packaging can have many different faces. Environmentally conscious product packaging can help it stand out, among other methods. 

  • Use recycled materials.
  • Use recyclable and/or reusable materials.
  • Reduce the weight and size of your product packaging.

Think outside the box with custom packaging

Update your packaging so that people will know you have a cutting-edge product. Even if you have packaging already, update it regularly to keep customers interested. You don’t want tired, old printing on a box. You want something clean, fun, and eye-catching in today’s world.

Upscale printing on your packaging is essential to growing your brand, no matter what business you have.

Design and print your custom packaging orders today. 

Deliver personalization that keeps your customers coming back. This level of personalization also allows for employees to feel like they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. 

At Cereus Graphics, we work with every client on an individual basis to ensure a personalized and detail-oriented approach. Our custom packaging and print services help distribute your products in a cost-effective and eye-catching way. Find the right customized option for you today!