7 Steps to Great Packaging for Your Business

Creative Packaging and Boxes

Design and Print Custom Packaging

The unboxing experience

Imagine you were looking for a product, and you saw two boxes side by side…one that was plain and one that contained exciting graphics.

Which one would you try? Of course, you’d pick the exciting one. So why not carefully consider what your packaging looks like?

Think about promoting your business with your packaging. It’s possible and doable.

1. Establish your goals.

Determine your brand values, mission, and purpose. Then work to build your graphics and design elements around those.

2. Reach the right customers.

Identify the ideal customer so you can reach your target market with your design. Is your target market young? Teens? Adults? Elderly? How about style? Quirky or professional? Modern or whimsical?

Think about what colors would attract and what graphics appeal to your target audience.

3. Determine your budget.

Spend your budget wisely but consider that elegant items need elegant packaging.

If you are a high-end product producer, you will need high-end printing on your packaging. You want elegance and sophistication to shine through the packaging.

4. Keep branding on point.

Keep your logo colors and style to incorporate those things into your packaging. You will want to use the same colors and complementary colors.

5. Don’t just ship; advertise.

Use your packaging to attract customers so that it serves as an actual ad. Make it fun and exciting. Let people know what you offer.

6. Packaging represents your business.

Remember that packaging is part of the product, and keep your focus on this, so it doesn’t become an afterthought. Plan your packaging right away to tie in with the other items you are using to promote your business.

7. Think outside the box.

Update your packaging so that people will know you have a cutting-edge product. Even if you have packaging already, update it regularly to keep customers interested. You don’t want tired, old printing on a box. You want something clean, fun, and eye-catching in today’s world.

Upscale printing on your packaging is essential to growing your brand, no matter what business you have.

We are here to help you grow, too. Reach out today!   

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