We are you go-to printer in the Phoenix metro area!

At Cereus, we are your one-stop shop for all your printing needs in Arizona, no matter what industry you work in.  That’s why we provide a full range of printing services for the cities of:

Chandler | Gilbert | Glendale | Mesa | Scottsdale | Surprise | Tempe

You can find all the different industries we cater to below!

Casino & Gaming Printing

Casinos have an abundance of events that happen within them at any given time. With such a wide variety of events, this also means an equally large amount of printing. Whether your casino is in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, or another city in Arizona, we can provide researched and targeted printing that will be sure to connect with your clientele!

Convention & Trade Show Printing

Large conventions can have thousands of people walking around within them. If you don’t adequate printing capabilities, you won’t be able to effectively connect with your client base. At Cereus, we can handle the largest of printing jobs, so no matter the size of your convention or trade show, we’ve got it covered!

Trade School & Education Printing

When you work in education, printing is a must. With syllabi, classwork , exams, clubs, and a vast amount of other reasons for printing, you need a printing service that can handle the work load, and deliver quality product. At Cereus, we can handle all your educational printing needs, so you can focus on the instruction of your students.

Financial Printing

In the fast paced world of finance, there is no time to waste on low-quality printing. With so many different financial records, data, and other information that needs printing, if you don’t have excellent printing, you will be sure to fall behind. When you choose Cereus, we can provide you with efficient, quality printing services that will ensure  you are always ahead of the game!

Healthcare Printing

As a healthcare provider, you can go through a lot of paper. Whether it is through forms, paperwork, or educational resources, you need your printing to be able to handle the large workload of a healthcare practice, while also delivering a  product that represent’s your practice’s quality. At Cereus, we can handle all your medical printing needs, so you can free up time to spend with your patients.

Political Campaign Printing

No matter the party, year, or position being campaigned for, all political campaigns need printing.  When you need flyers, pamphlets, or any other printing project, don’t waste time printing, when you could be improving your campaign. Instead, leave your printing to the best printers in Arizona – Cereus!