Not Just a Printer

Owing to the substantial experience of over four decades, and a dedicated team of industry experts, Cereus Graphics holds a competitive edge in offering affordable offset & digital printing services in Arizona as well as integrated marketing services.

At short-term, we help you create effective sales marketing materials. Long term, we help you build your business by providing digital marketing solutions. With this in mind, our team develops marketing solutions that give you a solid return on your investment, valuable marketing insights into your customer base, measurable results, quality materials, technological solutions and cost-effective communications methods.

Our approach is strategic, customized and designed for maximum effectiveness.

We aim to develop genuine partnerships based on trust and understanding while providing powerful, innovative and relevant, methods for connecting with your customers. As a partner in your company’s long-term success and a member of your marketing communications team, we look forward to develop a solution that best meets your needs and accomplishes your goals.

What do we provide to our clients?

    • Personal Services

Be it printing services or integrated marketing services, we have always believed in providing personalized services. Success of the project being our prime motive, we make good use of all the available resources and expertise to complete the project proficiently in given time frame. By understanding your business goals and objectives as well as your financial parameters, we can make the most appropriate and cost-effective recommendations for integrated marketing as well as printing sales literature.

    • Zealous Team

The Cereus team of highly trained experts is ready to help & give advice on printing brochures online or tips on developing integrated marketing strategies to make sure that the customer gets the solution without a hitch.
Moreover, the credit of the popularity of Cereus Graphics as a reliable print service provider and most creative marketing agency in Arizona can be given to the efforts & dedication of the team. The printing experts as well marketing experts have together contributed to make the company climb up the ladder of success.

    • Far-Fetched Quality

Leveraging upon the state-of-the-art-infrastructure that is fitted with hi-tech printing equipment & machines, and also due to our expert team, we guarantee high quality services and values to our clients.

    • Ultimate Expediency

At Cereus Graphics, we have taken care of the convenience of the customers. As a local print shop with tools for printing, we have ensured that customers get ultimate convenience when working with us.

Meet the Cereus Team

Tom Ginter – President
With 45 years of experience in print communications, senior and executive leadership, Tom is responsible for the overall performance of Cereus Graphics. Along with key customer relations, his key focus is the company direction and long-term vision.

Bill Ledbetter – Partner/Director of Business Development
With over 30 years of experience in the printing industry, Bill is responsible for identifying client needs and communicating those needs while offering his expertise in marketing, communications and production solutions.

Jeff Todd – Sales Manager
With over 25 years of experience in Sales and Sales management, Jeff is responsible for the continual improvement of the sales team, focusing on a superior customer experience.  Jeff is also responsible for growing the packaging segment.